Armac UPS Line-Interactive 650VA H/650E/LED/V2

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Line-Interactive 650VA H/650E/LED/V2 emergency power supply

Refreshed design, ease of use

The Armac 650E/LED/V2 Home series UPS has been designed to meet the expectations of home users during normal use of the uninterruptible power supply. At the production stage, the manufacturer guaranteed accuracy and precision of workmanship, which translates into the overall safety of the UPS and its solid operation. The device provides fully comprehensive protection and high efficiency while maintaining small size and affordable price, meeting the requirements of current markets.

Uninterruptible power system (UPS) A safe choice for your home Armac UPS is a product addressed to all people who expect to maintain power for important devices such as:

  • TVs, PCs, game consoles, Smart Home devices,
  • Chargers for phones, smartphones, notebooks, tablets,
  • Switches, routers, repeaters, extenders, VoIP phones,
  • Home speakers & Hi-Fi, camcorders, digital cameras,
  • NAS servers, network storage devices.

Microprocessor control - high efficiency and monitoring of sensitive devices

The proper operation of the emergency power supply is ensured by a specially built-in processor that controls the parameters of the device itself, its correct operation and the power supply of the connected equipment. The technology used in the UPS also ensures automatic battery charging in Stand-By mode and automatic startup when the mains power returns.

Armac UPS safety - overload protection

Each Armac emergency power system is equipped with an overload protection module that protects the device itself against possible damage caused by excessive demand generated by the load. When the UPS is overloaded (the "Overload" LED flashes and the device emits a continuous sound) during normal operation, and the overload problem has not been resolved by the user within approximately 10 seconds, the UPS will automatically safely terminate the power supply to the devices connected to it .

Secure internet and telephone - RJ-11 / RJ-45 surge protection

To further expand the range of devices that will be safe in the event of a surge, the Armac UPS has 2 RJ-11 / RJ-45 ports mounted on the back, dedicated to the telephone line and IT cabling. If any voltage surges or surges occur on the network, the UPS will immediately detect and correct them so that a safe signal is always sent to telephone and network devices.

Automatic voltage stabilizer - AVR

The AVR (Automatic Voltage Correction) feature in uninterruptible power supplies automatically adjusts low and high voltages from the outlet to safe levels, ensuring stable power to connected devices. Thanks to this, the equipment is protected against short-term voltage drops and increases that may damage it.

  • If the voltage is approximately 255 V or higher, the UPS will transfer the AC voltage to the autotransformer (AVR) resulting in an output voltage within the allowable range of 195 V to 255 V.
  • If the voltage is approximately 195 V or less, the UPS will transfer the AC supply voltage to the autotransformer (AVR) resulting in an output voltage within the allowable range of 195 V to 255 V.

Discreet operation - mute mode

Anyone who values peace and quiet would not want devices to make unwanted sounds signaling a change in work status.

In emergency power systems, UPS operation in battery mode is associated with sounds emitted every few seconds. It often happens that UPS are placed next to TVs, computers, desks, which, when operating on batteries, may cause dissatisfaction of household members. Armac does not intend to disturb users' peace of mind. Therefore, all UPS models have a silent operation function in battery mode. It will meet the expectations of the most demanding users who value quiet operation regardless of the device's operating mode.

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