Toshiba Portable hard drive CANVIO BASICS 2.5 1TB USB 3.0 BLACK NEW

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Ražotāja kods:HDTB410EK3AA
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Atlaide ir spēkā no 01.02.2023 līdz 31.03.2023
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Canvio Basics portable hard drive

Ultra-fast mass storage in a simple edition
The Canvio Basics external hard drive holds up to 3 TB of data and allows for express file transfer via the SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interface. It is suitable for use in Microsoft Windows and does not require installation of any software, so it really is not easier to start saving your favorite files. Its timeless design and matt finish always look good both on the desk and on the go. What's more, thanks to compatibility with the USB 2.0 standard, this hard drive can be connected to older devices.

A place for all your files
Large capacity storage in a small, handy housing with a matte finish. Canvio Basics hard drives, available in several capacities, are ideal for storing data, music, movies and photos. These devices are powered by a USB port and can be used when connecting one USB cable to the computer.

A handy companion
Canvio Basics disc is oriented towards profile and classic design. The slim, compact design and flattened treble make Canvio Basics a truly portable hard drive that's easy to take and hide in your pocket or bag.

Fast transfer
These portable hard drives, powered by USB 3.0 technology, are much faster than USB 2.0 devices (they are still compatible with this standard), which ensures instant transfer when organizing files.

Easy plug and play connection
Simple operation using plug and play technology. These disks are ready to be used with Microsoft Windows. You do not need to install any software. They support intuitive dragging of files from the computer and vice versa.

Your data in good hands
With more than 50 years of experience in hard drive technology and unrivaled quality standards, Toshiba manufactures portable hard drives that securely securely store your files wherever you go. 29328364 P.-Pk. 10:00 -15:00 S., Sv. SLĒGTS
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