TEESA Hand blender Teesa 400W

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Hand blender TSA3508W

Do you like to surprise your household with delicious creamy soups, sauces or fresh, fruity smoothies? Whatever you want to prepare, a good hand blender is an absolute must in your kitchen. Meet the Teesa TSA3508 blender and see how it can make your work easier.

2 speed modes

The Teesa hand blender is equipped with the most important functions so that you can quickly adapt the blender to your needs. With one click on the TURBO button, you can activate the fastest blade speed for blending hard foods, for example.\

Stainless steel blades

A good hand blender should be robust and last a really long time. That is why the blender head of the TSA3508 is equipped with stainless steel blades. This design means that the appliance can easily blend and chop high temperature foods. What's more, you can use the dishwasher to clean the head.

Easy storage

Do you have a small kitchen and are wondering which hand blender is best for you? The TSA3508 is the perfect solution for those with small spaces. Thanks to its design, it will take up very little space in a drawer so you can always have it to hand.

Two colours

The Teesa hand blender is also a device for people for whom aesthetics are just as important as functionality in the kitchen. This model is available in two colours: white and black, so you are sure to find the one that best fits into your kitchen interior.

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