Savio Power Strip 4-way SAVIO

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Ražotāja kods:SAVIO LZ-11
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Detalizēta informācija


On/off switch

You will find a built-in illuminated on/off switch so you can disconnect the power yourself. You don't have to unplug the entire strip from the socket. After pressing the button, you cut the power from the connected appliances.  


The housing is made of Polypropylene characterised by high chemical and electrical resistance. This material is lightweight, shock-resistant, odourless and, in addition, non-flammable. LZ-11 is a high-tech design that provides a complete level of protection for you and your devices.  

Surge protection

The power strip features even more effective protection of the connected device against the negative effects of electrical impulses coming from the mains (caused, for example, by lightning). The LZ-11 is equipped with surge protection based on a varistor and a fuse to ensure immediate response time. The surge protection strip effectively protects against the propagation of surges in devices plugged into its sockets.  

Child protection

Thanks to special plugs in the sockets of the skirting board, you do not have to worry about the safety of your child, who, tempted by the desire to discover the world around them, will meticulously examine each subsequent socket of the device when the opportunity arises.  

Protecting your home appliances

Ensure that your valuable electrical appliances are effectively protected against surges. Thanks to the power strip, you can rest easy without worrying about the most valuable electronic equipment you own at home or in the office.  

USB-A (QC3.0) and USB-C (PD3.0)

The additional USB-A and USB-C ports on the power strip will allow you to charge your mobile devices in a convenient, safe and fast way thanks to the support of fast charging functions supporting QC 3.0 and PD 3.0. You no longer need to occupy an outlet on your power strip to plug in a charger, now all you need is the USB cable itself. With LZ-11, you have all the necessary functions of a modern power strip in one place.  

Cable length 1.5m

The 1.5 metre long cable will allow you to place the power strip in the most necessary places in your home or office. The optimum length of the cable fits perfectly into the characteristics of ergonomics and modern design.  

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