Preces kods:1987
Ražotāja kods:3LC069
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Atlaide ir spēkā no 01.11.2022 līdz 31.12.2022
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Reliable high-speed banknote counting

Save time and eliminate all chance of error. The Safescan 2210s back-loading hopper can hold up to 300 banknotes and accurately count them, up to 1000 notes per minute.

2-point counterfeit detection

Todays currencies are printed with sophisticated security features that make it hard for counterfeiters to succeed. The 2210 automatically checks every banknote for two distinct security traits: UV markings and bill size. It will pause and beep to alert you when it encounters a suspicious bill; simply remove the offender and press start to resume counting.

Save time with automatic add & batch features

Let the 2210 help you optimize your cash-counting workflow. Press the convenient add button and the 2210 will automatically keep track of the total note count across individual runs.
Press batch and enter the desired number of bills and the 2210 will automatically pause each time it counts out that number. Theres no faster way to prepare your bank deposits and cash drawers.

Easy to use with a large, clear display

The 2210 has an intuitive control panel and a large, crisp display. Six clearly labeled buttons provide easy access to the 2210s many features. The spacious backlit LCD screen tells you exactly what you need to know: the number of notes counted and the specific count and detection settings youve selected.


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