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One surge protector, many possibilities

Are you looking for a way to turn on a few devices to one source of electricity, which will let you sort out many cables for example under the desk, behind the TV or in the kitchen? Or maybe you are organizing the workplace for yourself and your employees and you want to take care of your devices? The best solution is our surge protector which is available in a few variants that will allow you to choose the option that meets your expectations.

Quick switch and you work efficiently

In our assortment, you can find surge protectors in a few variants. They differ in terms of amounts of sockets and cable length so you will find the right one for sure. A backlit footswitch is a practical element. When it lights up you can be sure that your devices will get a dose of energy. This is a very comfortable solution you dont have to bend down just put your surge protector on the floor and turn it on or off comfortably. 

Appearance matters

Our surge protector will fit perfectly with your devices. It is possible thanks to the classy black color. Design is based on the newest trends, it combines elegance and easy use. Gain more space wrap the cable around the surge protector, put it on the floor or mount it on furniture and enjoy the freedom of movement.

Protection through action

We want to protect you and other users
so we equip this surge protector with many protectors:
- Surge protectors we used varistor to protect the circuit from high voltage surges
- Safety plug sockets cover which allows children safety protection
- The housing is made on non-flammable Polypropylene

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