Qoltec Power supply 90W | 19V | 4.74A | 5.5 * 2.5

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A solution dedicated to you

When it comes to power supplies, reliability is crucial. Select a Qoltec power adapter dedicated to Acer, Asus, Fujitsu, HP/Compaq, IBM/Lenovo, Toshiba laptops. It is made of the highest quality materials, and the technologies used in it allow for low energy consumption and high efficiency. Package contents power supply with velcro to organize the cable, thanks to which you can adjust the length of the cable.

Safe power supply in a universal version

Invest in security
- it never loses its value. Made of the highest quality materials makes the Qoltec power supply an object worthy of your attention. It will ensure the expected stability of work thanks to special safeguards:
- against overvoltage: protects against too low or too high voltage,
- against overloads: protects against overloading the power line,
- against short circuits: protects against short circuits in the power circuit,
- thermal: protects against damage caused by overheating.

Adapting the power supply - we give a helping hand

It is very important to match the right AC adapter for your laptop model. You can reduce the forced break in activity to a minimum by following these simple rules:
You can read the basic parameters from the label on the bottom of the laptop, they will be: POWER (W), VOLTAGE (V), CURRENT (A). The following points will dispel any doubts that may arise when making your choice of equipment:
1. POWER (W) - this number indicates the minimum value that a new power supply should have. Nothing prevents you from using a product with a higher strength. Thanks to this, it will be less loaded, and therefore it will heat up less.
2. CURRENT (A) - here, as in the case of POWER, the value on the new power supply may be equal to or higher than that indicated on the rating label of the laptop.
3. VOLTAGE (V) - the number for this parameter is more restrictive. Only a fluctuation of +/- 0.5V is allowed.
The last and equally important issue is the PLUG. You can't move without it! There are no exceptions here, it must be identical to the original. The size shown is the outer diameter and inner diameter of the pin. If a comparison based on the presented photo is not enough, a measurement will be necessary, which will ultimately confirm your choice.

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