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MODECOM MC-823 RANGER is our latest model of high-quality wired, closed type headphones, designed especially for the most demanding computer games players. Construction of MC-823 RANGER is similar to the equipment used by the aircraft combat pilots. This high-quality product should be part of the gaming kit every lover of computer action games.

High quality stereo sound
Key feature of the MC-823 RANGER construction are high-quality membranes which perfectly rebound a sounds, especially from the action games. Moreover, closed construction of the capsules provides an excellent barrier for external noises. Above features, greatly enhance  efficiency of the game, because e.g. allow user quickly find out  where is enemy or indicate what type of weapon he uses.   MC-823 RANGER is also product which allows for communication with other online game players.  Placed on the headband very sensitive microphone allows for quick communication with other users.

User-friendly product
Each advanced player who spends many hours behind his monitor knows how important is comfortable and convenient equipment.  Headphones MC-823 RANGER is a product which has been designed to provide users with the highest comfort. In the course of design process of MC-823 RANGER company paid a special attention to those elements which  are adhere to player’s body during use, especially capsule cushions. Moreover, MC-823 RANGER was equipped with 2.2 meters long braided cable.

Unique design and top quality
Unique construction with attractive design of MC-823 RANGER let user to feel as fighter pilot or sent to military mission soldier.  An aesthetic value improved also made of high-quality materials, solid construction and two gold-plated 3.5mm mini jack.

Product features:
- High quality sound
- Adjust the volume on the cable
- Microphone on the headband
- Attractive package
- Special, braided cord
-  2 x gold-plated 3.5 mm jack

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