Milly Mally Mirage Delux crib pink fudge

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Milly Mally Mirage Deluxe Travel Cot

 Milly Mally Mirage Deluxe travel crib combines modern design with practical use. It is comfortable, safe, light and its multifunctionality provides comfort during everyday care for your baby. The crib has two levels of mattress height so it works well as a crib for a child from the first days. In addition, changing table and toolbox which is indispensable in the daily care of the baby. In addition, the crib is equipped with a module play-vibrate-light. Music and vibration will help in calming the baby attracting his attention and a gentle warm light shade without disturbing sleep will allow the child to care for him at night. The crib is equipped with skids thanks to which it functions as a cradle. Built-in wheels allow you to move freely crib, so that the child will be under our constant control. These wheels have a brake that protects against free movement of the crib. The crib has a side door, they are opened with a zipper and have a wide range of use especially when the child is older. You can leave them open and the child at any time when he wants to independently enter the crib or get out of it. For safety in construction of the crib was used reinforced bottom is a stable cross construction that provides maximum safety. Travel crib in spite of appearances has many uses, and in addition to the fact that it is irreplaceable during farther and closer trips can also be an additional crib at grandparents, playpen at home and outside (has mosquito net). More and more often a travel cot becomes a basic cot, not only because of practicality but because of attachment of child to his things. When we often go away the cot gives the child a sense of security, because the child feels stable and falls asleep faster, and his sleep is calmer. Another important advantage of the crib is that it takes up very little space after folding and is not problematic to store. Rich colors of the crib allows you to customize the crib to your liking the colors are expanding on an ongoing basis in new patterns and colors prints will appeal to both parents and children.


  • Made of high quality materials
  • Maximum load up to approx 15 kg
  • Lock Guard system to prevent accidental folding of the bed
  • Headband with toys
  • Mosquito net with canopy
  • Battery-powered vibrating-light-play module
  • Mattress
  • Second level suspension for newborns
  • Side door opening with a zipper
  • Changing table
  • Skids
  • Equipped with a pocket for toys
  • Tool caddy attached to the crib for essential baby care accessories
  • Wheels with brakes
  • Sturdy non-slip feet
  • Colorful prints on the edges
  • Bag for convenient transport of crib
  • Complies with safety standard 716-1


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