Logitech G29 Driving Force PS4/PC 941-000112

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Driving Force Racing Wheel

All controls are easily accessible. The D-Pad console, buttons and paddle shift levers are built into the steering wheel. The LEDs located just above the center of the steering wheel indicate exactly when to increase or reduce the gear ratio. This allows you to maintain maximum acceleration without tearing your eyes off the track. The 24-point selection knob and the +/- buttons on the front of the steering wheel allow you to fine-tune your steering preferences.

Add Driving Force to your controller and you will never want to race with a regular controller.

The G29 gaming wheel is designed for the latest racing games on the PlayStation®4 or PlayStation®3. The G29 Driving Force also works with your computer using Logitech Gaming Software.

Feel the performance of the tires on each bend and on different substrates. This makes you feel all the effects of oversteer, understeer and slip. The power-feedback mechanism with two powerful engines simulates the effect of different forces so you can respond precisely.

The Driving Force steering wheel has been developed for demanding race and long-term reliability. The G29 steering wheel is fitted with sturdy steel ball bearings in the steering rod and paddle shifters in stainless steel and pedals. The steering wheel is hand-sewn with high quality leather, giving the impression of a high-speed racing car. This ensures a more comfortable use for a long time.

The steering wheel provides extremely smooth and quiet control. Spiral gears are designed on the basis of gears in gearboxes to reduce undesirable noises and vibrations. The anti-jam bar ensures proper steering and pedal power, maximizing control. The G29 Driving Force Racing Wheel features a long-lasting, reliable Hall effect sensor that uses magnetic fields to detect the steering wheel position.

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