Jabra Headphones Engage 55 Stereo USB-C, MS, EMEA/APAC

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Engage 55

Portable. Powerful. Professional. Designed to make every call perfect.

Everyone's talking about it

Ensure better conversations, whether at home or in the office with Engage 55. This intuitive headset is designed for people who spend most of their time on the phone or in virtual meetings. The long wireless range and superior security guarantee maximum peace of mind. Whether you're working from home or in a noisy office, with Engage 55 your voice will sound professional on every call. You no longer have to worry about what's going on around you.

Free range (it's about conversations, not chickens)

It's good to have freedom of movement whether you're at home or in the office. The compact DECT USB adapter for Engage 55 provides a wireless range of up to 150m from your computer, so you don't have to stay by your laptop while you talk. You can go to the kitchen to get a coffee or walk around the office without worrying about hanging up the call.

Power. Range. Security.

The DECT wireless headset is designed for wireless communication, so it's the perfect choice for employees who make a lot of calls and need extra mobility. The DECT wireless range offered by the Engage 55 headset is up to 15 times greater than the average range of a Bluetooth Class 2 device. Even in a noisy office, the DECT wireless system can easily handle multiple people working in the same place, providing clear, robust and secure calls.

Like Fort Knox. But smaller.

Whatever the mode of operation, if confidential information is often given during calls, it is important to be sure that this data is protected. The ultra-secure wireless adapter for Engage 55 is DECT security certified. The security of your data is very important to us, so we go beyond Level C of the DECT security standard with additional 256-bit FIPS military-grade encryption algorithms to prevent eavesdropping and keep your calls secure.

This sounds serious

When talking on the phone or in virtual meetings, every word matters. The Engage 55 headset features an impressive noise-cancelling microphone that helps block out background noise for a professional sound no matter where you're working. The speakers have been optimised to make your voice clear. In addition, wideband audio ensures crystal clear and natural-sounding conversations. You can now forget about crackling, artificial-sounding voices and enjoy more engaging conversations.

Order coffee in seconds

As soon as you take the Engage 55 out of the box, you can start making calls without any configuration. Simply plug the pre-paired DECT USB adapter into your computer and you're ready to make calls. By choosing this easy-to-use headset that connects to a single device, you're only seconds away from your first call.

As flexible as your schedule

Whether you're swapping workstations or switching between home and office, our durable Link 400 adapter is designed to meet your needs. It can be bent to reduce the risk of damage, even when left plugged into a laptop. It's ideal for businesses with rules about keeping desks clean or for employees who like to change their surroundings.

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