G402 Hyperion Fury Gaming 910-004067

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Ražotāja kods:910-004067
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High speed tracking of movements by Fusion mechanism
Advanced sensor technology for fast action in games.
The Hyperion Fury combines an optical sensor with Logitech Delta Zero technology and our unique Fusion Engine ™ hybrid sensor, which allows you to track your movement at speeds of more than 500 ips.

8 programmable buttons
Customization to your own game style.
The mouse can be customized with 8 programmable buttons. Whether you want to throw a grenade or gain access to your inventory, all you need to do is press a button. Optional Logitech Gaming Software software makes it easy to set up.

Switch resolutions during gameplay.
Four settings for better control of gameplay
Switching between the four resolution settings takes place immediately. Eliminate the enemy on the map (250 dpi), and then flinch in the blink of an eye (4000 dpi). Switching resolution during gameplay gives you the ability to precisely respond to battle chaos.

32 bit ARM processor
More intelligent than ever.
The built-in ARM processor of the Hyperion Fury mouse supports Fusion, providing incredible tracking speed while also saving your favorite macros. Logitech Gaming Software makes it easy to create and assign macros triggered by Hyperion Fury.

Reporting frequency every 1 ms
Continuous communication.
The 1 ms reporting frequency ensures that your movements are instantly transferred over a USB connection without any delays causing trouble.

Comfort and aesthetics
Maximum comfort for maximum gameplay time
Modernization of the classic shape of the G400s to increase functionality and comfort. Combining lightweight materials and rubber grips will help maximize game play time.

Quick click
Exceptionally fast response gives a huge advantage
Separated left and right buttons provide excellent response. The ability to click at very high speed will allow you to use your skills and gain advantage in intense shooting matches. Faster and more comfortable clicking makes the Hyperion Fury really distinctive.

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