Fisher Price Educational Sensory Mat Deluxe

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Educational Sensory Mat Deluxe

Support your child's sensory development with this unique educational mat from Fisher-Price. This soft activating play mat will support the sensory integration of your little explorer. Many happy moments are waiting for you, and the tummy roller will ensure comfort, which will provide additional support for the baby. In this sensory adventure will be accompanied by a friendly otter that glows and makes sounds, biting teether in the shape of a leaf, soft sloth, fragrant cloud and many other elements supporting development. There are even folded soft cards with numbers of consecutive months you can use them when taking photos immortalizing the developmental progress of your brave toddler!

Fun that develops:

  • Senses: lights, sounds, various materials - this mat is filled to the brim with elements that stimulate the baby's senses!
  • Motor agility: funny animals located above the baby's head encourage reaching for and touching them while lying down and playing, which improves mobility.
  • Dexterity: gripping toys and putting the teether in your mouth affects the development of dexterity and hand-eye coordination.

Main features:

  • Soft, stimulating senses activating mat for babies from the first days of life
  • 20+ sensory discoveries that will engage up to 5 child senses
  • Large play mat with a soft llama and a tummy roller (machine washable)
  • 5 detachable toys with functions that engage different senses: otter that glows and makes sounds, fragrant cloud, mirror, teether leaf and cuddly sloth
  • Bows for hanging toys in contrasting colors and removable rustling cards with month numbers (you can use them to commemorate the child's development will enrich your family photos!)
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