Fellowes Shredder Oil 355ml 35250

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Detalizēta informācija

  • Conditions cutters to extend the life of your shredder
  • Plastic squeeze bottle with extended nozzle ensures complete coverage
  • Oil shredder each time wastebasket is emptied or a minimum of twice a month
  • For use with all Fellowes® cross-cut and micro-cut shredders
  • 355ml bottle
  • Press and hold down the reverse button on your shredder. Put the
    tip of the oil bottle in the paper entry and make one or two sweeps across the
    cutters while gently squeezing the oil bottle. Continue to run the shredder in
    reverse for another 10-15 seconds

- Designed for cutting shredders
- Regular use prevents clipping on the knives, extends working time and shredder performance.
- Improves the work of the shredder
- Available in a bottle with a 355 ml dispenser

- apply a small amount of oil to the sheet of paper over the entire surface
- destroy the card in the shredder
- repeat the procedure until you clean the cutter knives

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