INK PGI-72 GREY 6409B001

Ražotājs: CANON
Modelis: 6409B001
Preces kods: 14-3394

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Capacity (5% coverage) 165 pages A4
Cartridge type Ink
Color gray
Quantity in unit package 1

Gel AGM VRLA series Lawu characterized by a prolonged period of operation, zero-maintenance, high starting current, resistance to elevated and low ambient temperatures. Dedicated mainly for use in power supply systems UPS, emergency lighting, automation systems. Batteries can also be used in applications where the batteries are working regularly. For discharge up to 50% they have about 400 cycles. Design life is 3-5 years to 20-25 ° C.

The sealing of the battery includes a one-way pressure valve called VRLA (valve regulated lead acid). Opens at excessively high pressure accumulated gases (this phenomenon may occur, eg. When reloading the battery) and safely discharges the resulting gas to the outside, preventing the bursting of the hermetic housing.

VRLA batteries series LAW are made in technology: AGM - (Absorbed Glass Mat). The electrolyte gel is trapped in a glass fiber separator with high porosity (electrolyte is in the form of a gel, formed after mixing the sulfuric acid with special stoneware). Because of that it is the lack of a liquid electrolyte or batteries made in AGM, they are often called gel battery. The advantage of gel batteries is good resistance to loss of electrolyte during the operation of electric and low self-discharge.