Modelis: FTP3000-01
Preces kods: 14-9

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Accessories included 0oC - 40oC
Apparent power 3000 VA
Backup time (100% load) 14 min
Battery capacity 7 Ah
Chassis type Midi Tower
Color White
Dimensions 340mm x 345mm x 225mm
Hold-up time (maks) 1.5 ms
No. of batteries 12
Number of phases input 1 (230V)
Other features - Line Interactive Technology - Back-up time (for 80%) 18 minutes ** (time given for one battery module - battery modules sold separately) - AVR - Communication interface - UPS Monitor Software - Protection of the telephone line - Warranty 2 years - Need to re-buy at least one battery module MB4821
UPS Architecture line-interactive
Voltage 12 V
Weight 25 kg

Ares 3000 is an emergency power supply unit built in line-interactive technology with a capacity of 3000VA (1800W) allowing to secure medium LAN or several servers.

Built-in microprocessor examines the parameters of the power grid and in the case of irregularities take appropriate action to ensure full synchronization with the power grid and minimum switching times. With the arrangement of the AVR power supply can operate continuously with significant drops in voltage supply without using battery power. In case of emergency, processor controls the operation of the inverter, battery and power supply grid. If
power supply grid returns to the correct processor state it provides adequate switching from battery mode to the network mode.

PSU status is indicated by LEDs on the front panel and alarm status (power failure, discharged batteries, overload) is additionally signaled acoustically.

The power supply has a communication interface and the software included with the UPS Monitor allows you to shut down the operating system.

Configuration switches also allow you to change the power supply parameters such as switching threshold, self-test, self-switching output, sensitivity which allows the user to customize it to your needs.