Ražotājs: ZYXEL
Modelis: USG40-EU0101F
Preces kods: 14-5750

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Antivirus throughput 50 Mbit/s
Color Red; Silver
Data filtering - Filtrowanie social mediów- Filtrowanie złośliwych stron WW- Blokowanie adresów URL oraz blokowanie słów kluczowych- Wsparcie w postaci czarnej i białej listy- Java applets, cookies oraz ActiveX- Dynamiczne filtrowanie adresów URL oparte na chmurze- Konfigurowane wiadomości ostrzegawcze- Przekierowywanie URL
Dimensions 216 x 143 x 33 mm
Firewall functions - Certyfikowana zapora ICSA - Możliwość routingu oraz ustawienie trybu bridge (w wersji z wifi)- SIP/H.323 NAT- Wsparcie dla niestandardowych portów ALG- Wykrywanie niebezpieczeństwo i ochrona sieci- Wykrywanie zakłóceń ruchu i ochrona- Ochrona DoS/DDoS
Firewall throughput 400 Mbit/s
Functions Content filtering; IPS; Firewall; Anti-virus; Anti-spam; VPN; Router
I/O ports 1 x DMZ / OPT; 3 x 10/100/1000 Mbit/s; 1 x Console port (RJ-45); 1 x WAN (RJ-45); 1 x USB 2.0 Type A
IPS throughput 50 Mbit/s
IPsec VPN 10
Management, monitoring, configuration - Client RSSI - preventing unwanted users- IEEE 802.1x Authentication- Insulation layer 2- Authentication Captive Web portal- Ability to configure the page, portal- Dynamic Account visitors- Authentication RADIO- Wi-Fi Multimedia- Wireless QoS- Protocol CAPWAP- ZyXEL Wireless Optimizer- Routing mode, bridge mode, hybrid mode- Ethernet and PPPoE- NAT and PAT- VLAN (802.1Q)- Virtual Interface- RIP v1 / v2 and OSPF- DHCP client / server / relay- Dynamic DNS support- Local user database- The external user database LDAP / RADIUS- XAUTH, IKEv2 VPN authentication EAP- Authentication of Web-based- Binding IP-MAC- Support SSO- Multiple logins administrators- Multilingual GUI- Command line interface- V2C (SNMP MIB-II)- Updating the firmware via FTP, FTP-TLS and Web GUI- Comprehensive logging of local logins- Syslog (up to 4 servers)- Email alerts (up to 2 servers)- Monitoring network traffic- Daily report
Max session number 20000
Network architecture GigabitEthernet
Other features - Integrated security gates of the latest generation- Built-in WLAN controller- Supports up to 10 AP- Integrated security policies- Intelligent Applications- Detection of threats and protection of IDP 
Standards 802.3; IPv6
VPN functions IPSec VPN:- Certyfikat ICSA IPSec VPN- Szyfrowanie AES (256-bitowe), 3DES i DES- Uwierzytelnianie: SHA-2 (512-bit), SHA-1 i MD5- Zarządzanie kluczami: klucz ręczny, IKEv1, IKEv2 z EAP- IPSec NAT- Wykrywanie dead peer oraz relay- Wsparcie dla PKI (X.509)- Koncentrator VPN- Prosty w obsłudze kreator- Automatyczne ponowne połączenie VPN- VPN HA- L2TP over IPSec- GRE i GRE over IPSec- NAT over IPSecSSL VPN:- Obsługa systemów Windows oraz Mac OS X- Obsługa trybu full tunnel- 2 stopniowe uwierzytelnianie- Możliwa konfiguracja portalu użytkownika
VPN throughput 100 Mbit/s
Weight 0.89 kg
WiFi No

Firewall ZyWALL VPN Firewall USG40

Integrated security dedicated for remote communication with offices, retail shops and smaller businesses

The progress of communication between co-workers forced the smaller companies three main challenges. For a growing trend of BYOD smaller companies must now offer a more extensive WiFi network for a growing number of intelligent devices subscriber. To maintain productivity, the use of social networking applications based on cloud technology poses to companies not only need to control, blocking and prioritization of different applications, but also opens the door to new hacking attacks. There are new threats, which means new challenges for enterprises. The costs of maintaining infrastructure will therefore continue to grow, and it can be a serious problem for small businesses with limited resources for expenses related to IT.

The latest series ZyXEL USG Performance is an integrated firewall solutions of the latest generation (NGFW) designed to meet all requirements of the trend of BYOD, protect against malware, to regulate the application and control the budget in the environment of smaller companies. Built-in access point (USG40W and USG60W) ​​and WLAN controller allows instant access to a wireless hotspot and offers the possibility of future expansion of WiFi networks. Extended functions UTM technology and intelligent application offers advanced protection and control of enterprise network when using web applications. This solution integrates everything that they need small businesses enabling them to more centralized management and lower total cost of ownership (TCO). zyxel-ultrasound-badge
Spend less, get more

ZyXEL USG series Performance offers the lowest total cost of ownership. Integrated security gates are equipped with the necessary features for businesses, such as malware protection, VPN support, built-in WLAN controller and access point. Thus, the solution eliminates the need to purchase multiple devices to a variety of applications and allows business customers to communicate, security and the ability to manage from a single device.

h3> Security guaranteeing peace of mind

Access to Wi-Fi wherever you need it (optional)

In response to the growing trend of BYOD, ZyXEL USG series performance allows smaller companies providing wireless network wherever it is needed. USG40W and USG60W models have a built-in single or dual radio module, allowing direct access to the wireless network. With the integrated WLAN controller series Ultrasound Performance offers the option of providing WiFi to different zones, eg. To the reception or the conference room.
Management from a single location

Designed specifically for businesses with limited IT budget resources ZyXEL USG series Performance it helps users communicate complex processes, protection and management. Integrated security policies offer a simpler, more unified and streamlined management of all security functions. In contrast, integrated WLAN controller offers central management of up to 10 access points. All of these functions integrated in a single solution makes the present apparatus facilitates the management of VPN, Wi-Fi network and security from a single device.

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