RP-N12 Range Exten der/AP/Media Bridge N30

Ražotājs: ASUS
Modelis: RP-N12
Preces kods: 14-7625

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Signal Amplifier / Access Point / Media Bridge with Wireless N300 Module

- External antennas increase the reach of Wi-Fi signals and strengthen the Wi-Fi network in every place
- Quick and secure configuration by pressing the WPS button
- The smart LED indicator helps you find the best place to get the best performance from your Wi-Fi network
- Roaming Assist helps you get a stable connection anywhere in your home or office

The RP-N 12 Wireless Signal Amplifier has powerful MIMO antennas that eliminate white spots and increase the range of any existing wireless router. It acts as an amplifier, which means it can extend the wireless network to every corner of the home - even in places where it's hard to get. This ensures reliable, high-speed Internet coverage everywhere, so that you can use devices such as notebooks, tablets, smartphones, game consoles and smart TVs.

Installing the RP-N12 signal amplifier does not require a CD or even a mouse or keyboard. Just press the WPS button and the configuration is done automatically. Smooth, uninterrupted internet usage is guaranteed by optimized device performance. Advanced settings are available when you connect the RP-N12 to your PC with an Ethernet cable and directly open the browser-based configuration menu - no board or application is needed. The amplifier can be configured even wirelessly using a tablet or smartphone.

For best results, the RP-N12 must be within range of a stable signal and should be placed between the router and the area where you want to improve wireless coverage. The RP-N12 works best when it receives a strong wireless signal from the router - you can check it using the signal strength indicator on the front panel.

The RP-N12 has two additional convenient modes that make it even more versatile. It can work not only as a signal amplifier, but also as a wireless access point (AP) or media bridge. In AP mode, it can be connected to any wired LAN - such as a hotel internet connection - and serve as a personal Wi-Fi hotspot for connecting to the Internet on laptops, phones and other Wi-Fi devices. In media bridge mode, it can be connected to any Ethernet compatible device - such as a smart TV, media player, gaming console or PC - to provide Wi-Fi connectivity. A great way to get rid of the clutter of cables!