CyberPower CyberPwr CP1300EPFCLCD UPS 780W/LCD/USB/RS/4ms/ES

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Ražotāja kods:CP1300EPFCLCD
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The Adaptive Sinewave LCD series provides advanced power protection for devices such as smaller servers, telecom equipment, VoIP equipment, desktop computers etc, for both home users and small businesses. Built-in AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulation) and pure sinusoidal generation are functions that ensure that the output signal is uninterrupted and compatible with all types of load.

Multifunctional LCD display allows you to read battery status, power supply, and provides information such as operating time, load, temperature and more.

Applied technologies:

- PowerPanel Personal Edition monitors UPS status
- GreenPower reduces energy consumption by 75% compared to competing models
- Adaptive Sinewave - Provides full sine waveform, compliant with Active PFC power supply requirements (active power factor correction)

The Sinewave Adaptive series offers an invariably pure sinusoidal wave at full power, while other manufacturers maintain a pure sinusoidal wave of only 20 ~ 30% of the load, above which the UPS generates a simulated sine wave.

Purpose: Users of Active PFC or full sine wave power supplies, SMB mediums (servers, workstations), home users (players, stoves, fire pumps, etc.)

Link to Specifications: 29328364 P.-Pk. 10:00 -15:00 S., Sv. SLĒGTS
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