Amica Induction hob PIDH6141PHTSUN 3.0

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Induction hob PIDH6141PHTSUN 3.0

HobControl Pro - Cooking under full control thanks to intelligent algorithms without the need to stir, without burning or boiling over. 4 precise temperature programs guarantee perfect results, as well as lower energy consumption.

Precise melting program (40°C) - The precise temperature program for melting in the hob with HobControl works on the principle of an intelligent algorithm. You can melt chocolate and clarify butter with the certainty that nothing will weigh down and burn.

Precise braising program (70°C) - Cooking dishes such as stews, letchos, frying jam, preparing thick sauces without sticking or burning. The intelligent algorithm used precisely selects the appropriate temperature, giving

guarantee of success.

Precise slow-cooking program (90°C) - An intelligent algorithm precisely adjusts the heating power to the size of the pot and load, so you don't have to worry about the food boiling over or overcooking. Just touch one sensor and problem solved!

Precision Grill Program (200°C) - Cook perfect steaks, deep fat and stir fry dishes on the induction hob! The HobControl technology gives you the certainty of achieving the right temperature and thus perfect results

PowerBooster function for all fields - Increased field power, thanks to which you can boil 0.4 l of water even in 60 seconds!

Energy saving 40% - The induction hob consumes 40% less energy than a traditional ceramic hob. Even in standby mode, the power consumption is half that required by the standards.

SlimHob Pro - You can mount the Amica hob in virtually any countertop - even the thinnest 12 mm, without the need for front ventilation or a partition. This is great flexibility when designing your dream kitchen.

PowerChoice Pro - Amica induction hobs can be connected to single - or three-phase / any electrical installation. Choose from five power levels and cook on all burners at the same time.

Cooking without on/off effect - The dish is cooked or fried evenly without cyclical temperature changes, so you can always count on perfect results in the kitchen.

Timer for each zone - Use the built-in timer and gain full control over the cooking time on each of the cooking zones separately. When the time is up, the hob will automatically switch off the field and inform you with a sound.

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