Amica Hand blender with set BL 5012

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Hand blender BL 5012

Infinitely variable speed

Depending on the hardness, different vegetables and fruits require different power for blending to produce ideal results. That's why Amica blenders have an infinitely variable speed control! With it, you can easily and quickly change to the optimal power! And you avoid spills. You adjust everything smoothly and gently with the function knob. The speed to suit your needs!

Container with lid

Lots of dishes means mess. And the need to find a place to store them. That's why the one-litre container with lid is the perfect solution for those who value ergonomics in the kitchen. It is used for blending and at the same time works perfectly as a storage vessel. Thanks to the lid, odours do not spread in the fridge. Less washing up, more useful!

Stainless steel blending stone

When blending, it is very easy to spill and mess up.... Unless you use the blending foot with its innovative shape - then the problem disappears! It has been designed to effectively prevent splashing of ingredients and the food being prepared. And being made from stainless steel ensures it is highly durable and effective. Less mess, more hygiene in the kitchen!

Whisk attachment

Do you like sweets and baked goods? Then you probably know that getting perfectly fluffy egg whites by hand is not so easy at all.... That's why the Amica blender comes with a special Whip Tip . From now on, any cake cream will be exceptionally velvety and the whipped foam will be soft and springy. Whip quickly, conveniently and, above all, always effectively!

The power of

Blend, crush and crush frozen fruit or ice even faster and more precisely.

Stainless steel blades

Durable blades, rust-resistant, will not deteriorate or dull.

Safety lock indicator

The container with lid is used for blending and storing products.

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