Amica Blender BTM5012 800W glass

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Blender BTM5012

Glass cup HotSafe +

Do you often blend something hot? Remember about safety! Made of special glass, the HotSafe + cup is particularly resistant to high temperatures! Therefore, you do not have to wait for the ingredients to cool down. Increased material resistance ensures longer life and aesthetic appearance of the socket. Blend quickly and safely!

800 W power
The speed of your blender depends on the power of its engine. The more power you choose, the shorter the preparation time of the cocktail and its consistency will be smoother. Blend, crumble and crumb frozen fruits or ice even faster and more accurately. Full power for total satisfaction! And time saving!

Ultra6 stainless steel blades
Accurate and fast such should be blending! That's why Amica blenders are equipped with a system of 6 Ultra6 knives! Stainless steel six-spoke blades made of stainless steel guarantee perfect, velvety consistency of blended dishes. You also save time because the device works faster. Blend you comfortably and instantly!

Smooth speed regulation
Depending on the hardness, different vegetables and fruits require different strengths to make the blending bring the perfect results. Hence, Amica blenders have smooth speed regulation! Thanks to it you can easily and quickly change the power to the optimum! And you will avoid splashing. Smoothly and gently adjust everything using the functional knob. Speed tailored to your needs!

Pulse function
Some products are hard to grind thoroughly unless your blender has the Pulse function! Thanks to it, the device quickly deals with seeds rich with fiber, nuts and magnesium full of stones. Acting pulsed, it perfectly shreds them at maximum speed. Now a quick blend of hard products is a breeze!

Smoothie function
A milk shake or a vitamin smoothie? No matter what fancy you like, the Amica blender will help you prepare it! By increasing the number of revolutions and the power of the device, the Smoothie function guarantees that your drink will have an ideal creamy consistency. Even if you use frozen fruits and vegetables. Easy and the tastiest! Who is the cocktail?

The IceCrush function
The crumbling of ice is extremely simple. Properly designed special blades will break any ice lump that will be in a jug.

Housing made of stainless steel
Every detail matters when it comes to an elegant and consistent kitchen design. That's why Amica blender casings are made of extremely durable, high quality stainless steel. Such design not only pleases the eye, it ensures that your blender will perfectly match other steel-finished equipment. It is also practical, because the materials used guarantee you a long life of the device. Style and saving in a noble form!

Measure in the blender lid
Time to add the exact amount of ingredients The pull-out scoop in the blender lid will allow you to easily measure the amount of products added to the dish, such as spices, and add them even during the operation of the device. You will appreciate as you use it!

Overheating protection
With electrical devices, especially in the kitchen, the basis is appropriate security. Therefore, to increase your safety, Amica blenders have been equipped with a special protection system. When the temperature in the engine increases dangerously, the blender will automatically turn off. And as soon as it properly cools, the equipment will be ready for use again! Security above all!

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