ACME Europe BH410 Bluetooth TWS earphones

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ACME BH410 True Wireless earbuds

True Wireless ACME BH410 True Wireless earbuds are the perfect choice for a pedant on a budget. Since they are not connected to each other by any wire, its the perfect choice while on the go. The headphones can also perform as an excellent hands-free option make phone calls or answer incoming calls without taking your phone out of the pocket. And if thats not enough, they come in a case that is also a portable charger. Charge your earbuds up to 2 times! No cable required!

Voice assistant
The earbuds support voice control which allows to use (if supported by device) a virtual assistant and control certain phone features

True wireless type
Completely wireless in-ear earbuds let you enjoy music with freedom and comfort

Bluetooth connection
Easy wireless pairing with enabled devices

Quality sound
Natural sound for all your music

Auto connect
Earbuds turn on and connect automatically to each other and phone once taken out from the case, they turn off once you put them back into the case and close it

Portable charger
The case of the earbuds has an integrated power bank that can charge the earbuds in 1 hour which gives 2 more hours of listening time. Portable charger holds up to 2 full charges

One button control
Easy, quick and convenient control of the music and incoming calls

Great choice for sports
Earbuds firmly stick in the ear to stay in place even during intense training

Battery level on phone
Displays the remaining level of the battery on the screen of the phone*
*Depends on smartphone model and software version

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